S A M P L E S A L E | String Shopper

S A M P L E S A L E | String Shopper

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  • Sample & Seconds
  • 50% off = wholesale price
  • Choose from Solid or Dip Dyed
  • 100% Cotton
  • Plant Dyed at Subtropic HQ
  • Ethically made in China | Supplied by local, Australian company
  • Machine Washable | Biodegradable
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Grab our much-loved, plant dyed string bags at wholesale prices! They're not perfect but they are perfectly suited for hauling your groceries & produce, plastic-free. String bags are also perfectly suited for the beach - quick dry & a simple shake ensures you don’t have a load of sand at the bottom of your bag. 100% Cotton, machine washable & biodegradable. All colours are dyed with natural, plant dyes - yep... the pink one is dyed using avocado skins & seeds! What's not to love about turning what would be a waste product into a beautiful, natural colour!

Our dip & solid dyed samples may not be perfect due to colour variance or they may have small inconsistencies such as light markings of colour on straps etc. Choose from long or short handle, dip dyed or solid dyed but all are in limited numbers depending on availability so be quick.

Indigo (blue) is dyed using organic indigo, natural fermentation vat
Grapefruit (pink) is dyed using avocado skins & seeds
Kale (green) is dyed using Osage woodchips + iron
Banana (yellow) is dyed using organic ground turmeric

Due to the nature of plant based dyes, slight colour variations may occur. We embrace the small variants of our hand dyed goods & strive to bring you quality products to love & last so if for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, please get in touch.


Short Strap Version = Bag Length 48cm (inc. straps) | Long Strap Version = Bag Length 65cm (inc. straps)

Naturally dyed cotton string bag - 100% Cotton


Natural dyes are a bit more temperamental than synthetics so a little extra tenderness is required to care for these items. We ensure our naturally dyed range is as colourfast as possible by taking extra steps in the dye process such as pre-treating the basecloth with tannin & mordants. We recommend a cold wash (either by hand or machine) using gentle, earth-friendly detergents. Please be aware that some colour may lift out of the fabric over time. It is also recommended, if you are going to machine wash your string bag to put it inside a 'delicate' bag to prevent snagging.